Capitol Building

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Capitol Building
Capitol Building.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader n/a
Main Locals Super Mutants

Talon Company
Super Mutant Behemoth

Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests n/a

The Capitol Building is located in the far east of The Mall district in the Capital Wasteland. Before the Great War it housed the Federal Government of the United States, now it serves as a battle ground between the Super Mutants and the Talon Company. If you attempt to enter the building both the mutants and the mercs will shoot if they spot you.

The war continues inside the building, in the Capitol Rotunda you'll find a 20 foot high Super Mutant Behemoth and around 10 Talon Company Mercs. The Mercs will do a good job of hurting the Behemoth, but if you want to finish it off yourself you can find a Fat Man on one of the Talon Mercs.

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