The American Dream

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The American Dream
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Location(s) Raven Rock


Received by President Eden
Reward(s) Your choice between Brotherhood Power Armor
Brotherhood Recon Armor
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The American Dream is a Fallout 3 main-quest and a trophy/achievement.


[edit] Quest Objectives

After being knocked unconscious and losing the G.E.C.K. in Vault 87, you awake in the Enclave's secret base at Raven Rock. You have been stripped of everything in your inventory and you're trapped behind a force field barrier within a prison cell. Colonel Autumn will be standing in front of you when you wake up, he demands that you tell him the code to activate the Purifier. You're given the options of telling him where to stick it, playing dumb or you can give him a false code to really get him angry. Just as he was about to begin a more brutal interrogation, President Eden's voice is heard on the intercom asking to see the Colonel. He reluctantly leaves the prison cell, at which point the President speaks to you. He apologizes for Colonel Autumn's attitude and asks to meet you face-to-face. He turns off the barrier and you are free to leave the room, all your belongings are in a locker next to the door, be sure to take everything when you first open the locker because you won't be able to open it again. Once you're equipped, leave the prison cell and head towards the Presidents room.

[edit] A date with The President

After leaving the cell you'll be met by an Enclave Officer,you can use your Speech, Charisma or Strength skills to convince him that Eden wants to see him. If none of those work be prepared to fight. In the cell next door you'll find Nathan Vargas from Megaton, if you try and talk to him he'll say: They're not who they say they are, get out while you can, before they get you too!.

As you enter Level 3 at Raven Rock, President Eden's voice will be heard over the intercom, he tells the Enclave soldiers that you are his guest and they will not attack you. This gives you a chance to browse the science labs on Level 3 where you'll discover frozen Eyebots, Deathclaws, Ghouls and Super Mutants.

Head up to Level 2 and you'll hear Colonel Autumn's voice over the intercom, he tells the Enclave soldiers to ignore what the President said and kill the Lone Wanderer on sight. All the Enclave will now turn hostile and you'll have to fight your way through Level 2. Fight your way through the Cryo Lab (2A) and the Storage and Living Quarters (2B) until you reach the War Room (2C). At this point you'll come to a hallway with a door on either side, on the right is Colonel Autumn's chamber and on the left is President Edens control room. Head right towards Autumn's room first, there will be three Enclave soldier behind the door ready to ambush you, kill them and head into the chamber. In here you'll find a footlocker, inside is a self-destruct code and the Energy Weapons Bobblehead. This is your only chance in the whole game to pick up the energy weapons bobblehead, now head back towards Eden's control room. Two Enclave soldiers will fire at you straight away, but Eden will send in a team of Sentry Bots to protect you as you enter the control room.

[edit] President Eden

Meet the President

Climb the stairs that surround a huge pillar in the control room and at the top you'll find President Eden, who is an Artificial Intelligence robot. He will tell you of his plan to remove all forms of mutated life from the Capital Wasteland. He's created a modified version of the Forced Evolutionary Virus and he want you to inject it into the Purifier, this will kill all forms of life with any degree of mutation. You are forced to take the Modified FEV because Eden won't open the exit doors until you do. Talk to Eden again and you're given a few option on how to deal with Eden:

  • If you found the self-destruct code in Colonel Autumn's room you can use it to shut down Eden and destroy Raven Rock.
  • You can use your Speech skill to convince Eden to self-destruct on his own free will.
  • You can use your Science skill to out-think Eden until his circuits break down and he self-destructs.
  • You can also just take the Modified FEV then leave Eden and Raven Rock intact.

Once you leave the control room you'll have to fight off more Enclave soldiers, however you do still have the Sentry Bots to do most of the killing.

[edit] The Citadel

Once you leave Raven Rock you'll see Fawkes fighting off more Enclave. He appears to have found himself a Gatling Laser with unlimited ammo. If you have Good Karma you can convince Fawkes to join you as a Follower, if he doesn't join you he can be found wandering around Underworld. After clearing out the last of the Enclave, head back to the Citadel to report what happened. Head down to the science lab and you'll find Owyn, Rothchild, Sarah and the rest of the Lyon's Pride discussing the Enclave. Tell Owyn that they have the G.E.C.K and he will give Sarah the go-ahead to attack the Jefferson Memorial, he will also order Rothchild to activate Liberty Prime. Sarah will offer you a place in the Lyon's Pride, she will also reward you with either Brotherhood Recon Armor or Brotherhood Power Armor. After a short speech to the Pride, Sarah is ready to go, follow her out of the science lab and the quest will end. Get ready for an all out war over Project Purity in the final quest; Take it Back!.

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