Tesla Power Armor

Tesla Power Armor
Tesla Armor.png
Damage Resistance 43
Weight 45
Cost 820
  • +20 Radiation Resistance
  • +10 Energy weapons
  • The Tesla Power Armor is an advanced version of Enclave Power Armor in Fallout 3. The armor increases your Radiation Resistance by +20 and your Energy Weapons skill by +10. It also has a very high damage resistance.

    This armor can only be found on the bodies of dead Enclave soldiers and it can only be repaired with other Tesla suits. In terms of Damage Resistance, this armor is the third best in the game behind the Enclave Hellfire and the T-51b Power Armor.

    In order to wear Power Armor you'll need to gain the Power Armor Training perk from Paladin Gunny at the Citadel or by completing the Operation: Anchorage simulation.

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