Tepid Sewer

Tepid Sewer
Tepid Sewer.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Washington D.C.
Connects to Georgetown West
Dukov's Place/Anchorage Memorial
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests The Wasteland Survival Guide

Tepid Sewer or Tepid Sewers is an underground metro tunnel that was a sewer before the war in Fallout 3. It connects to Georgetown West, and Dukov's Place/Anchorage Memorial.

It is inhabited by a large amount of Mole Rats and a couple of Raiders. There are gas traps, turrets, and Frag Mines deeper in the tunnel as well.

[edit] The Wasteland Survival Guide

Main Article: The Wasteland Survival Guide

In this quest Moira of Megaton asks you to go to this location and test her new Repellent Stick and repellent formula on the mole rats. The repellent was supposed to cause the mole rats to run away, but instead it literally makes their heads explode.

The optional objective is to test it on 7 or more Mole Rats with the first 3, to get this objective you will have to go through a turret.

[edit] Notable Loot

  • Dean's Electronics at the southern point, past a couple of Raiders and near a generator.
  • Loot on the dead raiders and safes in their camps.

[edit] Notes

  • There are sandbags in the raider camps that provide good cover.
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