Tenpenny Tower Quest

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Tenpenny Tower Quest
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Location(s) Tenpenny Tower
Received by Gustavo
Reward(s) 700 Caps

Ghoul Mask

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[edit] Quest Objectives

When you first arrive at Tenpenny Tower, the front gate will be locked and you'll see a Ghoul talking to Gustavo over the intercom. The Ghoul is called Roy Phillips and he's demanding entrance to Tenpenny Tower, but Gustavo is refusing because the Tower has a strict "No Ghouls" policy. After a bit more arguing, Roy will give up and leave. Talk to Gustavo via the intercom, at first he will mistake you for Roy and tell you to get lost, tell him who you are and offer to help out with his ghoul problem. The doors will open a Gustavo will approach you about your offer.

Gustavo will give you an Assault Rifle to help you in the quest and a 500 cap reward upon the death of Roy Phillips and any other ghoul hiding down in Warrington Station. With a successful Speech check you can raise the reward to 700 caps, and trade that Assualt Rifle for a Chinese Assault Rifle and some 5.56mm Rounds.

[edit] Warrington Station

Roy's fate is in your hands

Warrington Trainyard is just west of Tenpenny Tower, outside the train yard you'll find a few Feral Ghouls and maybe a Glowing One. Head into the Warrington Tunnels and follow the main tunnel and kill any Feral Ghoul in sight, at the end of the tunnel you come to the Warrington Station. You'll find more Feral Ghouls and Ghoul Roamers in here, kill them off and follow the tunnels until you come to a big open area. At this point you'll be stopped by a ghoul called Michael Masters, tell him you here to see Roy Phillips and he'll let you through.

Head further down the tunnels following your map marker to Roy's location. Once you find him and talk to him you'll be given three different options. You can follow Gustavo's orders and kill every Ghoul in the tunnels, you can agree to help Roy invade Tenpenny Tower or you can tell him that you'll speak to Allistair Tenpenny about letting the ghouls move in.

[edit] Removing the Ghouls

If you take this route you simply have to follow Gustavo's orders and kill every ghoul in the Warrington Tunnels. There are only three ghouls living in the tunnels, Roy Phillips, Michael Masters and Bessie Lynn. If you want to avoid getting bad Karma for killing the ghouls, you can use certain dialogue options to goad them into attacking you first. You can also kill Roy Phillips as soon as he finishes talking to Gustavo via the intercom at the very start of the quest. You'll still have to go down into the Warrington Tunnels to kill Micheal and Bessie but this time they'll be hostile towards you straight away.

When all three Ghouls are dead, head back up to Tenpenny Tower and talk to Gustavo about your reward. Depending on your Speech check earlier, you can earn either 500 or 700 Caps. This is the quickest way to complete the quest and offers the highest cap reward, however you will miss out on the Ghoul Mask.

[edit] Convince the Residents to let the Ghouls in

After telling Roy that you'll find a peaceful solution to this, head back to Tenpenny Tower and talk to Allistair Tenpenny. He will agree to let the ghouls move in if you can convince the residents to allow it. For this part of the quest you'll have to convince Anthony Ling, Edgar Wellington II, Lydia Montenegro, Millicent Wellington and Susan Lancaster to let the ghouls stay. Each of the residents can be convince via a Speech check or by assassinating them. Another route is to take a love letter found in Susan Lancaster's room and show it to Millicent Wellington, she will then kill both her husband Edgar and Susan, then she'll leave the tower. You can also make Anthony Ling and Lydia Montenegro leave the tower by stealing from their shops.

Return to Tenpenny for a 500 Cap reward, then head down to see Roy Phillips and he'll reward you with a Ghoul Mask which will stop any Feral Ghouls attacking you while you're wearing it, the quest will end here and you'll be rewarded with 300 XP.

If Tenpenny is dead when you start this quest, you'll have to convince Gustavo to let them in. However, there's no way to change Gustavo's mind so you'll have to kill him to continue with the quest.

If you head back up to Tenpenny Tower you'll find the humans and ghouls living together and getting along fine. However, if you return a few days later you'll find all the humans have disappeared. Talk to Roy Phillips about it and he'll say they had a "disagreement" and he decided to take out the trash. You can find all the bodies of the residents in the basement, except Allistair Tenpenny who can be found in a pool of blood in his own bath.

[edit] Invade the Tower

By taking this route you'll be following Roy's original plan, he wants you to unlock a door in the Tenpenny Tower basement which leads to the Warrington Station, Roy will then unleash a wave of Feral Ghouls into the tower. Only two people have a basement key in Tenpenny Tower, Gustavo and Herbert Dashwood. Either can be pick-pocketed, killed or convinced with a Speech check to get the key. After unlocking the generator room in the basement, go meet Roy Phillips outside the main gate of the tower. He will give you a Ghoul Mask to prevent the Ferals from attacking you.

Head back inside the tower with Roy, all the lights in the building will be out and you'll see the Tenpenny residents getting massacred by Ferals. After the fighting has died down Roy and the other ghouls will take over the shops so you can continue trading. Taking this route in the quest will result in a massive Karma loss.

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