Tenpenny Tower

Tenpenny Tower
Tenpenny Tower.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Owner Allistair Tenpenny
Main Local(s): Mr. Burke


Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest Tenpenny Tower Suite
Related Quests: Tenpenny Tower Quest

The Power of the Atom

Tenpenny Tower is one of the major settlements in Fallout 3. It's a luxury hotel located in the far south-west of the Capital Wasteland. It was discovered and is currently owned by Allistair Tenpenny who will let anyone stay for the right price... except Ghouls.

When you first arrive at the tower the main doors are locked and you have to talk to Gustavo through the intercom to gain access. A Ghoul named Roy Phillips will already be at the intercom when you arrive, he's demanding access to the tower and Gustavo is refusing him. When Roy leaves you can talk to Gustavo through the intercom he'll allow you access to the tower in one of three ways. Either pay him, use the Speech option or you can tell him Mr. Burke sent you if you took the bad Karma approach in The Power of the Atom quest. Once inside you can get the Tenpenny Tower Quest from Gustavo which involves dealing with Roy Phillips.

If you took the bad karma route in the Power of the Atom quest you'll also gain your own penthouse suite in Tenpenny Tower which comes with a Mr. Handy robot and you can buy different themes for it from Lydia Montenegro.

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