Temple of the Union

Temple of the Union
Temple Of The Union.png
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader Hannibal Hamlin
Main Locals Caleb Smith

Simone Cameron

Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quests Head of State

The Temple of the Union is located in the sharp north and slightly to the west of the Canterbury Commons, south of Grisly Diner and east to the Minefield. The temple is fenced, the only entrance is a guarded door with an intercom.

The Temple was set up by Hannibal Hamlin who wanted to create a safe Haven for any escaped slaves. He wanted to create a place where Slavers were not welcome. The name of the Temple was taken from the words above the statue of Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial. It reads, "In this TEMPLE, as in the hearts OF THE people for whom he saved the UNION, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.”

Inside the temple you can find the accommodations of the locals, a "living floor" with a jukebox and some tables. On the same floor the head of the Lincoln Memorial can be spotted. It is unknown how the head of Lincoln came to be found in The Temple of Union.

[edit] Head of State

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During the quest you can either:

  • Help Hannibal Hamlin by removing the raiders from the Lincoln Memorial. Doing this will make the residents of the Temple of the Union to move to the Memorial
  • Help Leroy Walker and the Slavers by telling them the location of the Temple of the Union. They will then attack the Temple, killing all the slaves.

After the completion of the quest the Temple becomes inhabited by Ghoul Wastelanders.

[edit] Temple of the Union Residents

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