Talon Company

Talon Company
Talon Company Banner.png
Founder: Unknown
Leader(s): Commander Jabsco
Location(s): Capital Wasteland
Washington D.C.

Talon Company is an organization of Mercenaries in the Capital Wasteland. They're like a higher class of Raiders, and they attack anyone who doesn't have the Talon Company symbol. They appear to make exceptions for certain characters in the wasteland if they have enough money. If you decide to save Megaton during The Power of the Atom quest, Mr. Burke will hire a special team of Mercenaries who will sometimes be waiting to attack you when you arrive at a location by fast-traveling.

The Talon Company has a main base at Fort Bannister, where their leader, Commander Jabsco resides, who is one of the toughest human characters in Fallout 3 next to General Jingwei. Jabsco is the only person in the game who has a Talon Combat Helmet.

Talon Company seem to be at war with the Super Mutants over land in the D.C area. A major battle between the two can be seen in and around the Capitol Building as well as the Takoma Industrial area. The Super Mutants will usually win because they have a Super Mutant Behemoth in both areas.

[edit] Notes

  • A special team of mercs will also track you down if your Good Karma gets too high in a random event. An unknown source will put a 1000 cap bounty on your head. When you kill these mercs they will gave the note Private Contract.

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