Tailing the Tomboy

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Tailing the Tomboy
Location(s) Riverboat Landing
Received by Catherine
Reward(s) 10 Refined Punga Fruit
300 Caps
Free travel between the Capital Wasteland and Point Lookout
Related Quests Walking with Spirits

Tailing the Tomboy is a side-quest that the player is given access to after speaking with Catherine at the Riverboat Landing.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Talking With Catherine

As the player approaches the Riverboat Landing for the first time, they will be approached by a woman named Catherine. She will tell you of her daughter Nadine who recently left the Capital Wasteland with Tobar in search of treasure.

She will ask the player to locate her daughter.

[edit] Finding Nadine

The player will find Nadine inside The Ark & Dove Cathedral. She is part of the local Tribe but appears unhappy about it. She will remove the scar that the player received during the Walking with Spirits quest. Nadine will then tell you that someone has been removing parts of the brain of those whom undertake the Ritual of the Mother Seed. She asks that the player meets her at the Pier after she confirms her suspicions of who it might be.

When the player returns to the Pier (Before or after completing the Point Lookout DLC), Nadine will tell you that it was Tobar who has been removing brain portions. She will tell the player that Tobar is locked within the engine room. After a short conversation, he will try to kill you. After defeating him, the player can loot the Grifter's Fit, a Roving Trader Hat, a Scoped .44 Magnum, some .44 Rounds and some caps from him. You can also find the piece of your brain that was removed.

After dealing with Tobar, Nadine will bring you back to the Capital Wasteland.

[edit] The Reward

After returning to the Capital Wasteland, Catherine will reward you with 300 caps and some Refined Punga Fruit. Nadine will take over control of the Duchess Gambit and will offer to bring the player to Point Lookout for free as compensation for what has happened to you.

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