Appearance Fallout 3: Point Lookout

Swampfolk are a native to the Point Lookout area. They have significantly more health than most enemies in the Capital Wasteland. They are hostile to people not from Point Lookout, except traders.


[edit] Types

[edit] Scrapper

Main Article: Scrapper

The Scrapper is the weakest swampfolk found and has a similar appearance to the Creeper. The scrapper carry baseball bats, BB Guns and/or Hunting Rifles.

[edit] Creeper

Main Article: Creeper

The Creeper shares and appearance of the Scrapper, but has a different hair colour and more blood on them. There are two types of creepers that can be found, ones carrying melee weapons (and the Lone Wanderer, as a result, can escape from more easily) and Creepers carrying guns. The melee creepers carry shovels, tire irons or axes while the gun variety carry a Lever-Action Rifle or a double barrelled shotgun.

[edit] Brawler

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The Brawler are slightly larger than the Scrapper and wear overalls and jeans. Their weapons of choice are Combat Knives, baseball bats, lever-action rifles or double barrelled shotguns.

[edit] Tracker

Main Article: Tracker

The Tracker is one of the hardest enemies in Point Lookout and has a similar appearance to the Bruiser. They have a deformed hand, meaning that it's difficult for them to use guns. They prefer to use melee weapons instead. They use Axes or don't use a weapon at all, preferring to be Unarmed.

[edit] Bruiser

Main Article: Bruiser

The Bruiser is another one of the hardest enemies, and have similar characteristics to the Tracker. Their arm, compared to the Tracker, is even more deformed, so they also prefer to use melee weapons.

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