Susan Lancaster

Susan Lancaster
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Location Tenpenny Tower
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Susan Lancaster is a resident of Tenpenny Tower. Susan was formerly a Slaver who was located at Paradise Falls. Afterwards, she moved to Tenpenny Tower and changed her profession towards prostitution.

Susan flirts with all of the male residents of the Tower, and "sleeps" with almost all of them. She has a weekly routine of visiting people:

The player can try to convince Susan to allow the Ghouls into the Tower as part of the Tenpenny Tower Quest. However, the player may find this difficult.

Susan is one of the people that the player is required to enslave as part of the Strictly Business Quest. If she is killed during the Tenpenny Tower Quest or if the player has killed her beforehand, she won't appear as a target.

If the player searches Edgar's room they can find a love letter from Susan. If the player shows the letter to Edgar's wife Millicent Wellington, she will hunt down and kill both her husband and Susan. Afterwards, Millicent will either be gunned down by the Tenpenny Tower Security Personnel or she will leave the Tower and wander the Wastes, usually to be killed by Wasteland threats.

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