Strange Meat

Strange Meat
Strange Meat.png
Effects +2 Radiation, +5 HP
Weight 1
Value 2

Strange Meat is a food item in Fallout 3. The meat is actually human flesh, taken from those that have been killed. The player can encounter hunters that track down isolated Wastelanders and kill them. They then use there body's as a food resource.

[edit] Our Little Secret

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If the player travels to Andale, you may discover that the residents are cannibals. If you search the wooden shack near the Wilson residence, you will find several mutalated bodies and strewn corpses. Upon searching the shack, you will find many pieces of Strange Meat. If you search the nearby refridgerator, you will also find the Meat.

[edit] Fungus Deal

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The player can trade Strange Meat to Eclair in Little Lamplight, in exchange for Cave Fungus.

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