Steel Yard


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Steel Yard
Steel Yard.jpg
Location The Pitt
Main Locals Werhner


Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quests Mill Worker

Unsafe Working Conditions

The Steel Yard is a location in Fallout 3 that was added with The Pitt DLC. Pitt Raiders force the slavers to find Steel Ingots in the yard. The area is huge, and is crawling with Trogs.

The Steel Yard is home to 100 ingots that the player can find and cash in to Everett for special unique gear. Cashing in all the ingots will get you the achievement or trophy, Mill Worker.

[edit] Loot

  • There are 100 steel ingots in the steel yard that you can collect for special gear.
  • North of the yard you can find the dead body of Wild Bill, a slave. He carries a unique pistol, Wild Bill's Sidearm.
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