Statesman Hotel

Statesman Hotel
Statesman Hotel.jpg
Location South-East Washington
Appearances Fallout 3
Reilly's Rangers

The Statesman Hotel is a twelve-story building located in the center on Vernon Square. It's based on the real Willard Hotel in Washington D.C. The building holds one of the largest gatherings of Super Mutants in Fallout 3. The lift to the top of the hotel is broken and the stairs from the ground floor are blocked. In order to reach the top you must cross a fallen radio tower on the roof of the Our Lady of Hope Hospital.

The Reilly's Rangers are trapped on the roof and are running out of supplies to fight off the Super Mutants. As part of the Reilly's Rangers Quest you must deliver the spare ammunition found in the stairwell (next to Theo's dead body) to the Rangers on the roof. You must also find a Fission Battery so that Donovan can fix the elevator.

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