Springvale Elementary

Springvale Elementary
Springvale Elementary.png
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader n/a
Main Locals Raiders
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests n/a

Springvale Elementary is a school situated in northern Springvale in the Capital Wasteland. Before the War of 2077, it was built for children from the surrounding communities. But at the start of the War, many teachers and students attempted to find shelter in the building but as the bombs fell, all of the people inside were killed instantly. 200 years later, a group of raiders tried to tunnel into Vault 101. Instead, they dug into a hive of giant ants which in turn killed a large number of their own. Since then they have discontinued with the tunneling and continue staying in the school, torturing any unfortunate wastelander who comes to close to the school.

The building itself is mostly in ruins and inhabited by raiders. You cannot enter the hive itself, but you can fight the ants.

The layout of the school is split up in three tiers: Top Floor, Ground Floor and Mining Tunnels.

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