Sonora Cruz

Sonora Cruz
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Regulator HQ
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Sonora Cruz is the leader of the Regulators within the Capital Wasteland. She is found in the Regulator HQ if the player has the Lawbringer Perk. The player receives a Regulator Duster from Sonora upon speaking with her. She offers the player a chance to take bounties in exchange for caps and Good karma.

When the player kills an Evil character, their corpse will have a finger on it. This can be traded to Sonora Cruz for 10 caps and Good karma. Occasionally, if the player gives her a lot of fingers and has Good karma, she will give a bonus. When this happens, she will give the player 20 caps instead on 10 caps per finger.

The player must deliver the killing blow on the enemy for a finger to appear of their corpse.

When the player asks what happens to the collected fingers, Sonora responds by telling the player that they do nothing with the fingers and instead only use them as recognition of the players kills.

Sonora has a unique variant of the 10mm Pistol, that does a massive 100 damage. However, she rarely uses it as she usually flees from any battle that she is engage with. The Pistol is unobtainable to the player, if they acquire it, the Pistol will revert back to its normal statistics.

The player must take care when entering the Regulator HQ, as if any enemies are nearby when the player enters Sonora will run away from the HQ and in some instances never return.

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