Maximum Damage 60
Damage Type Fire
Ammo Type N/A
Ammo Capacity N/A
Weight 3
Cost 200 Caps

The Shishkebab is a powerful Melee Weapon in Fallout 3. It resembles a flaming sword and will set anyone you stike on fire. The Pyromaniac perk will increase the damage dealt by it. It's one of the custom built weapons in the game, only available through a Schematic.

[edit] Blood Ties

Main Article: Blood Ties

The Schematics for this weapon are given to the player by Vance for completing the quest. The weapon can also be obtained by killing Vance.

[edit] Materials

To build this weapon you'll need to find a Workbench and have each of the following:

[edit] Schematics

The schematics for this weapon can be found in the following locations:

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