Sergeant RL-3

Sergeant RL-3
Race Robot
Affiliation Tinker Joe
Location RobCo Facility
Canterbury Commons
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Sergeant RL-3 is an ex-army Mister Gutsy robot. He can be purchased from Tinker Joe for 1000 caps, 500 if the players Barter skill is higher than 70. He will only join the players party if they have Neutral karma, otherwise Tinker Joe will say Sergeant RL-3 "...doesn't like the look of you." He won't leave your party if your karma changes, however you will need to have Neutral karma to recruit him again. In these cases, he will be found at Canterbury Commons.

Sergeant RL-3 can carry the second largest amount of items. He is second only to Fawkes. He can carry a total weight of 197.5 pounds.

He uses a weaker version of a Plasma Rifle, for use at long range. He has average accuracy, although he is worse than standard Mister Gutsy robots. However, with the Broken Steel DLC RL-3's accuracy greatly improves. At close range he uses a Flamer.

Surprisingly, he will use Stimpaks if placed in his inventory. He is immune to Radiation and poison.

[edit] Notes

  • Sergeant RL-3 greatly improves after Broken Steel. His flamer becomes more powerful, he has better aim, and he moves quicker.
  • A Plasma Mine or Plasma Grenade can dispatch RL-3 just as easily as other robots, so be careful.
  • If Tinker Joe is killed there is no way of getting RL-3
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