Seagrave Holmes

Seagrave Holmes
Seagrave Holmes.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Rivet City
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Seagrave Holmes is a resident of Rivet City. He runs a small store called "Rivet City Supply" located in the marketplace. He usually sells random junk items and the occasionally weapon. He is in love with Vera Weatherly and constantly tries to seduce her but always fails. An example of his pick-up lines would be, "I know I'm not a sophisticated man, but I'm still a man!"

[edit] Council Seat

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The player can receive this unmarked quest from Bannon. He tells the player that Seagrave may be taking over his Rivet City Council seat and asks for your aid to prevent this from happening. Bannon wants you to break into Seagrave's room and find evidence that will stop any hopes of Seagrave being elected.

The player can break into Seagrave's room by pick-pocketing Seagrave's House Key. Alternatively the player break in by passing an "Easy" Lockpick challenge. The evidence is located under his bed.

The player then has two choices:

  1. Give the evidence to Bannon as requested. As a reward he will give you the Deathclaw Schematics and a permanent discount at his shop.
  2. Hand the evidence over to Lana Danvers. This will result in you receiving a 10% discount at Seagrave's store. He will also pay 10% more for any items that you sell to him.

Whichever resident you don't side with will charge you 10% more when buying items.

The player can also speak to Seagrave as part of an option section of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest.

If the player looks at Dr. Preston's terminal they can view Seagrave's medical profile:

Chronic case of red-lung from all his repairs below-decks.

Prescribed a few hours of fresh air up top every night.

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