Sarah Lyons

Sarah Lyons
Sarah Lyons.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation Owyn Lyons
Location Citadel
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Sarah Lyons is a Brotherhood of Steel member and the daughter of Owyn Lyons in Fallout 3. She is the commander of her own elite unit called the Lyon's Pride and she is the only Brotherhood member to achieve Sentinel rank, which is between Paladin and Elder.

[edit] Following in His Footsteps

Main Article: Following in His Footsteps

You first meet Sarah during the quest when her platoon is launching an attack against the Super Mutants at Galaxy News Radio and she allows you to tag along.

[edit] Take it Back!

Main Article: Take it Back!

This is the next time that you meet up with her where she and her platoon escort you to Project Purity.

Sarah is considered a vital character through the entire game which means she cannot be killed. However if you download Broken Steel and take the bad karma route in the last mission she will no longer be considered vital to a quest and will loose her invincibility.

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