Run Goodsprings Run

Run Goodsprings Run
Run Goodsprings Run.jpg
The Powder Gangers attacking Goodsprings
Location Goodsprings
Received by Joe Cobb
Reward(s) Powder Ganger fame
Related Quests Ghost Town Firefight

Run Goodsprings Run is the evil/bad karma side of the Ghost Town Gunfight quest. It takes place in the same events as Ghost Town Gunfight yet you work for Joe Cobb and help kill Ringo and the inhabitants of Goodsprings. You can trigger this quest by talking to Joe Cobb after he has a small argument with Trudy and leaves the saloon.

[edit] Short Walkthrough

First you are sent to kill Ringo at the gas station before you fight the town's rising militia. Once you have completed this Joe will ask you to get a bit of help. Just like Ghost Town Gunfight you can get help from Doctor Mitchell and Chet the Goodsprings shopowner yet you cannot get help from Easy Pete and Trudy. Once you have help you need to report to Joe to tell him that you are ready so that you can start the attack. Once the attack has finished and you have cleared out the village you need to report to Joe again to finish the quest.

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