Rory Maclaren

Rory Maclaren
Rory MacLaren.jpg
Race Human
Location Paradise Falls


Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Apparel:

Rory Maclaren is a slave found at Paradise Falls in Fallout 3.

[edit] Rescue from Paradise

Main Article: Rescue from Paradise

During the quest you'll have to free Rory from the box in order to get Penny to leave. Once out of the box Rory wants you to help him escape. If you try to walk him out in front of the whole town it's almost certain he will be killed, the only way to get him out is to kill everyone in Paradise Falls.

If Rory escapes he will travel to Megaton. He can be found inside Moriarty's Saloon near to where Mr. Burke was sitting. Rory has no further dialogue in Megaton, he doesn't thank you for saving him instead he just says: "Hey. Talk fast, they hate it when I talk to customers."

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