RobCo Facility

RobCo Facility
RobCo Facility.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader Tinker Joe
Main Locals n/a
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests The Wasteland Survival Guide

The RobCo Facility is a factory that is inhabited by Protectrons and Mr. Gutsy's. It is north of Tenpenny Tower and south of the VAPL-84 Power Station in the Capital Wasteland.

[edit] Sergeant RL-3

Sergeant RL-3 is a Mr. Gutsy, and a potential follower that you can recruit in Fallout 3. To get him, you need to head over to Tinker Joe outside the facility (he travels in circles around it) and talk to him about it. RL-3 will only come with you if you have neutral Karma. He carries a Plasma Rifle and a Flamer. If you have Broken Steel DLC installed, he becomes incredibly useful.

[edit] The Wasteland Survival Guide

Main Article: The Wasteland Survival Guide

In this quest Moira asks you to go to the RobCo factory to learn how the robots are controlled, and asks you to plug a widget into the mainframe of the factory.

Once you plug it in, all the robots will become hostile and you'll have to fight your way out. Pulse Grenade's will come in handy here.

[edit] Loot

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