Rivet City Bow

Rivet City Bow
Rivet City Broken Bow.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader Pinkerton
Main Locals Mirelurks
Mirelurk Hunters
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests The Replicated Man
The Wasteland Survival Guide

The Rivet City Bow is the broken part of the aircraft carrier. Inside the Bow Pinkerton can be found along with his lab.

To gain access to the Rivet City Bow the player can either:

  • Lockpick a Very Hard door with a skill of 100. This door is located above the water and is found near the rocks.
  • Swim underwater to gain access to a hidden section of the Bow. This hidden door is located with a yellow "X" on the picture to the right.

If the player chooses to swim, take caution as there will be a long distance to cover and most of the area inside the Bow is underwater. The player may be killed if they spend too long underwater. When the player uses the hidden door, they will emerge inside but still submerged underwater. You can swim upwards to allow yourself to breath and then continue to swim until you arrive at a staircase that is above the water level. Proceed through this area until you eventually reach Pinkerton.

The Bow has a number of Mirelurks and Mirelurk Hunters. The number of those that spawn depend on the players level. Those with a high level will most likely only face Mirelurk Hunters.

Pinkerton has placed a lot of explosive traps and rigged Combat Shotguns. Some of these are in hard to see areas so take caution as you work your way around the Bow. Players may also encounter gas leaks that will set of a large explosion and dowse the player in flame.

The player can press a switch inside the Bow that will unlock the Very Hard door allowing them to travel outside. This allows you to enter the Bow from above water should you feel the need to return.

Inside Pinkerton's lab the player can find the following items:

The lab also has almost all of the junk required for any Schematics.

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