Reilly's Rangers Quest

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Reilly's Rangers
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Location(s) Underworld and Vernon Square
Received by Reilly or Ranger Radiosignal
Reward(s) Ranger Battle Armor or Eugene
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For the group, see Reilly's Rangers


[edit] The Rangers

Reilly's Rangers are mercenary soldiers who are hired for different missions. As you access the terminal in the Ranger Compound you will read about two contracts: to chart DC and the Wasteland and to wipe out Super Mutants. Both contracts are from a unknown client.

[edit] Objectives and obtaining the Quest

The latest mission was as well a chart-mission. The rangers where tickled pink about the stuff they could loot in Our Lady of Hope Hospital but as they made their way across Vernon Square, they where ambushed by a Muti-patrol. Usually this happens often and is no problem for the Mercenaries but this time there where innumerable Super Mutants . Reilly´s Rangers fled to the roof of the Statesman Hotel, booby-trapping as much as possible. Their newest member, Theo didn't made it to the roof and Reilly is very upset because of this. Reilly was able to Sneak out but was wounded badly and was found by the Underworld Ghouls. Now she wants you to secure her Rangers from the rooftop.

Obtaining the Quest

There are 3 way you can start the Quest:

1) Talk to Reilly in Underworld. She will give you the map marker and code for the Ranger Compound where you can loot much stuff.

2) Pick up the radio signal at Vernon Square

3) Talk to the Rangers on the rooftop of Statesman Hotel

[edit] Vernon Square

Vernon Square should be reachable through the Freedom Fleet Station, the Metro Junction from the Galaxy News Radio building, or over the Collapsed Car Tunnel to Sunken Sewer. The Vault-Tec Headquarters is located on the Vernon Square too.

You can enter the Statesman Hotel from Vernon Square but the elevator doesn't work, so you have only access to the ground floor. Its recommend to clear this floor first, because this is where you exit the Hotel with the Rangers and additional Mutants will spawn here. (Had good experience with placing Mines, but you should know where the new Super Mutants will spawn).

Outside again, a bit to the south is the Our Lady of Hope Hospital entrance. Before you enter, take a look above you, this steel beam is the next target.

[edit] The Way to the Rooftop

The Rangers trapped on the roof of the Statesman Hotel.
In the Our Lady of Hope Hospital there are Super Mutants and Centaurs. When you look exactly you´ll find many gas clouds, to have fun with the Mutants.

On the 1st floor, there is a Mr. Handy locked away, free him and he will roam through the Hospital and fight Super Mutants. Make your way to the top and loot all the medical stuff. When you traverse the steel beam, leading to the Statesman Hotel, you´ll have to jump one floor down to enter the Hotel.

Inside the Statesman Hotel you should be very careful, its riddled with booby-traps like Kick Plates and Tripwires. Defuse it or pass by, maybe a Muti stumbles in. On your way to the top, you should find Theo and the ammo crate that fits to the code you got from Reilly. At the very last floor before the roof, you can find the Holotape A Note from Little Moonbeam´s Father from Sydneys father. With the tape, you´ll get her SMG for free. On the rooftop are the trapped Rangers, you can give them some Ammo but the problem is the elevator doesn't work. They want you to get a Fission Battery from the floor below.

When your entering the hotel again, look down in the hall, on the other side is another (Grey) stair and under this stair the wanted Protectron can be found. Back on the roof give the battery to XX and follow the rangers into the elevator. On the ground floor, wipe out the Mutants and try to avoid the death of a ranger. Soon after, the few Super Mutants are dead and the Rangers will exit the Statesman Hotel. They invite you to come to the Ranger Compound.

[edit] At the Ranger Compound

After the Statesman-debacle, Reilly felt in some kind of lethargy and the other Rangers are upset about this. You can tell Reilly that it wasn't her fault and she should keep on leading the Rangers. Offer her to help charting DC, she´ll pay about 30 Caps for each (accessible) map marker, what is quite a lot when you think of all the metros and small places. From this Moment, you can come to the compound for a free medical service too.

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