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Reilly's Rangers are a mercenary group located in the Capital Wasteland. Their base of operations is the Ranger Compound. There are currently four members of the Rangers, although there were originally seven. They are leader by Reilly.

The Rangers have an apparent abundance of Luck. It appears as their theme and is also the symbol found on their Ranger Battle Armor. The Armor also grants a +1 Luck bonus. Their logo is of a four leaf Irish clover, also symbolizing Luck. The Rangers also mention Luck in their various conversations.


[edit] Reilly's Rangers Quest

Main Article: Reilly's Rangers Quest

Reilly asks the player to support the Rangers during the Reilly's Rangers Quest. The player finds the Rangers on top of the Statesman Hotel after battling through a large amount of Super Mutants. When the player finally reaches the Rangers, you see them engaged with a number of Super Mutants. Afterwords, you must escort them to the entrance of the Statesman Hotel so that they are able to return to the Ranger Compoun]. You must then travel to the Ranger Compound to complete the quest.

[edit] Geomapping with Reilly

Main Article: Geomapping with Reilly

If you complete the quest, you can help the Rangers by discovering new locations in the wasteland. Reilly will pay you a certain amount of caps for each location. You can immediately gain the caps from any locations you've already discovered.

[edit] Active Members of Reilly's Rangers

[edit] Deceased Members of Reilly's Rangers

[edit] Notes

  • The player may encounter Donovan randomly while exploring the Capital Wasteland. He presents with a Mini Nuke and tells you Reilly wanted you to have it.
  • The members of Reilly's Rangers are on par with Brotherhood of Steel Paladins in terms of endurance and weapon handling. They are a lot tougher than most of the Wasteland humans you encounter.

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