Recon Craft Theta Beacon

The Recon Craft Theta Beacon is a rado signal sent out by the crashed Alien ship Recon Craft Theta. When played, the player will hear an unintelligible transmission that is apparently on a loop. If the player hears the Beacon, you are most likely near the crash site and can discover the ship along with the Alien Blaster. However, if the player has Mothership Zeta installed, you can hear the Beacon from anywhere in the Wasteland.

The Beacon plays a distress signal that appears to go unanswered, that is, until the player installs Mothership Zeta. If the DLC expansion is installed, the Alien spacecraft Mothership Zeta will abduct the player when you approach Recon Craft Theta. The Aliens apparently believe that humanity shot the ship out of orbit and are determined to exact revenge. During the course of Mothership Zeta, the player can see that Recon Craft Theta has been recovered and is now found within the Hangar.

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