Recon Armor

Brotherhood Recon Armor
Recon Armor.png   Outcast Recon Armor.png
Damage Resistance 28
Weight 20
Cost 105 Caps
Effects: Sneak +1

The Recon Armor or Recon Power Armor is essentially the padded under-armor that Paladins and Knights (or other ranks with the Outcasts) wear along with their Power Armor and Outcast Power Armor.

It is best used in combination with players that like to use a stealthy approach to the game. The +1 Sneak bonus is also good for those that frequently use a Sniper Rifle, as it will increase the chance of gaining a Sneak Attack Critical. For those who like to charge into hordes of enemies, guns blazing, this is a very poor choice of protection.

The Recon Armor cannot be repaired with any other armor except another set of Recon Armor. It can, however, be used to repair the Chinese Stealth Armor. Because of the overall rareness of Recon Armor, it can be difficult to keep it good condition. Players may want to let NPC's such as Crazy Wolfgang repair it, especially if Wolfgang has been invested in twice.

[edit] Notes

  • The unused variant of Recon Armor, the Outcast Recon Armor, can be found in the G.E.C.K editor. An image of this is provided in the infobox.
  • It has no helmet because the armor covers the neck and back off the head.
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