Raven Rock

Raven Rock
Raven Rock.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader President Eden
Main Locals Enclave
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests Finding the Garden of Eden
The American Dream

Raven Rock is the base of operations for the Enclave in 2277. Inside the base, Enclave leader, President Eden may be found. It is found in the North-Western corner of the map, although it is inaccessible for most of the game, until the Finding the Garden of Eden quest.

Depending on the course of action taken by the player, the following may occur:

  • President Eden may initiate the self-destruct sequence if a Speech check is passed.
  • Raven Rock may be destroyed through entering the self-destruct codes yourself, found on Autumn's terminal.
  • Raven Rock is still intact when the player leaves but becomes inaccessible.

There appears to be no change in the size or strength of the Enclave force when assaulting the Purifier.

During the duration the player is held captive at Raven Rock, a civil-war occurs between President Eden and Colonel Autumn. This results in Eden's Sentry Bots and Turrets firing upon Autumn's Enclave troops. During this time, Vertibirds may be seen leaving the facility.

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