Raiders are the most common human enemy in the Capital Wasteland, they have no alliances and will attack anyone in sight. There are different levels of Raiders in Fallout 3, low-level Raiders will often carry weapons such as the 10mm Pistol, .32 Pistol or a Baseball Bat. Mid-level Raiders can be found with an Assault Rifle, Combat Shotgun or a 10mm SMG and the Higher level Raiders will often be equipped with Missile Launchers and Flamers. No matter what level they are, most raiders are low in durability and wear weak Raider Armor making them easy to kill. Occasionally, they wear Tesla Power Armor. The problem with Raiders is that they travel in groups, sometimes it's just a group of three, other times it can be six or seven and some places like Evergreen Mills have over twenty raiders (plus a Super Mutant Behemoth).

Unlike Scavengers, Raiders choose not to get food and supplies off of wandering and selling items. Instead they prey on Wastelanders, killing them on sight.

[edit] Raider Hidouts

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