Pulse Grenade


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Pulse Grenade
Pulse Grenade.png
Maximum Damage 11 (200 to Robots or Turrets)
Damage Type Explosive
Ammo Type n/a
Ammo Capacity n/a
Weight 0.5

The Pulse Grenade is a thrown weapon that is very effective against robots like Protectrons, Mister Gutsy's, Robobrains, and others.

The grenade does less damage than the other types of grenades on living humans, but destroys any robots that get into the blast radius. It is extremely useful for clearing out large groups of robots, but it is encountered later on in the game.

A better way to kill Human or Ghoul enemies is slipping a grenade into their pocket (reverse pickpocketing). This will get you the Psychotic Prankster Achievement.

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