Prototype Medic Power Armor

Prototype Medic Power Armor
Medic Power Armor.png
Damage Resistance 40
Weight 45
Cost 999
  • -1 Agility
  • +25 Radiation Resistance
  • Talks to you
  • Auto-dispenses equipped Med-X
  • The Prototype Medic Power Armor is a unique variation of the Brotherhood Power Armor in Fallout 3. Wearing the Prototype Medic Power Armor will increase your Radiation Resistance by +25 but it will decrease you Agility by -1. It can be repaired with any other type of T-45d Power Armor.

    This unique suit has an on board computerized voice which will talk to you and alert you of any nearby enemies. The downside is that sometimes the enemy can hear the voice and will give away your location. The Medic Power Armor will also inject you with Med-X whenever you health gets below 33%, however it can only use Med-X when it's available in your inventory.

    It can be found on the dead body of a Brotherhood member in the Old Olney Sewers which is also crawling in Deathclaws.

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