Pristine Nuka-Cola Machine

The Pristine Nuka-Cola Machine

Pristine Nuka-Cola Machine is a house improvement that can be purchased for your Megaton Shack or Tenpenny Tower Suite

It may be purchased from Moira Brown in Megaton or Lydia Montenegro in Tenpenny Tower. The cost can range from 500 to 650 caps depending on your Barter Skill.

When using the Pristine Nuka-Cola Machine, you are given the option to convert ordinary Nuka-Cola into Ice Cold Nuka-Cola. Ice Cold Nuka-Cola heals you by +20HP rather than +10HP (+24 rather than +12 with the Food Sanitizer).

The area where the Prisitne Nuka-Cola Machine is placed is also decorated with Nuka-Cola themed items, such as a clock.

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