Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls
Paradise Falls 2.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader Eulogy Jones
Main Locals
  • Forty
  • Grouse
  • Appearances Fallout 3
    Places of Interest
  • Lock and Load
  • Eulogy's Pad
  • Related Quests
  • Strictly Business
  • Rescue from Paradise
  • Paradise Falls is a location in Fallout 3, in the center of the Capital Wasteland. It's directly north of Arefu. A giant statue of a boy holding an ice cream should make it easy to spot. Paradise Falls is a former Shopping Mall that has been transformed into the main base for Slavers in the wasteland. They capture people from the wasteland and bring them back to the town to be made into Slaves, then sell them for a profit. Big Town and Little Lamplight are two of the main hot spots for slave hunting.

    The town is led by Eulogy Jones, he's the one to talk to if you're interested in buying a slave. Eulogy's second in command is Forty, he's in charge of watching the slave pen. Eulogy also has two personal slaves called Clover and Crimson, you can pay him 1000 caps to get Clover as your Companion.

    When you first try and enter Paradise Falls, you'll be stopped by a Slaver called Grouse. In order to gain entrance you'll have to either pay his 500 caps, pass a Speech check, have very low Karma or agree to capture slaves for him. If you agree to capture slaves he will give you the Mesmetron and the Strictly Business quest will begin.

    There are some slaves at the back of the town who can be freed if you can get the Slave Pen keys from either Forty or Eulogy. Once the slaves are free they will run straight through the middle of the town and be killed by the slavers, however you can kill every slaver in Paradise Falls to help the slaves escape and get Good Karma for it.

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