Oasis Robe

Oasis Robe
Oasis Robe.png
Damage Resistance 4
Weight 3
Cost 30 Caps
Effects: n/a

The Oasis Robe is a piece of clothing in Fallout 3 that is found on the leaders of the Treeminders in Oasis, Tree Father Birch and Leaf Mother Laurel.

It costs 30 caps and has a DR of 4. The robes are meant to be worn with the Oasis Hood, and there is a unique type of Oasis Robe named Maple's Garbe,

Oasis Villager Robe
Villager Robe.png
A variant of the Oasis Robe
Damage Resistance 4
Weight 2
Cost 6 Caps
Effects: n/a

[edit] Oasis Villager Robe

The Oasis Villager Robe is a variant of the standard Oasis Robe that is worn by everyday villagers. It has less coverage and is a different color than the standard Oasis Robes.

Because there is less cloth used in the robe it is weighed 1 less than the original Oasis Robes, and it only costs 6 caps compared to the 30 caps the standard one is.

[edit] Notes

  • They can be repaired with one another, and the hood can repair the robe and vice-versa.
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