Nuka-Cola Quantum

Nuka-Cola Quantum
Nuka-Cola Quantum.jpg
Addiction Rate 10%
Effects +6 Radiation, +10 Action Points
Weight 1
Value 30

Nuka-Cola Quantum is rare version of Nuka Cola in Fallout 3. There are almost 100 Quantum bottles across the Capital Wasteland, and drinking a Quantum can give you more Action Points. If you have the Quantum Chemist perk you can convert ten bottles of regular Nuka Cola into one Quantum.

Quantum's glow a blue or purple light because of a radioactive isotope that was added to the mixture when the Cola was introduced. The player can easily spot a Quantum from afar because of the glow. Ronald Laren of Girdershade describes drinking a Nuka Cola Quantum as getting a "sugar rush, being spun around, and then getting punched in the face."

[edit] The Nuka-Cola Challenge

Main Article: The Nuka-Cola Challenge

Bring Sierra Petrovita thirty bottles to complete this quest.

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