Nuka-Cola Plant


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Nuka-Cola Plant
Nuka-Cola Factory.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland

The Nuka-Cola Plant is located directly south of Megaton, just at the map border or south-east from Andale. It´s populated with robots and Radroaches.

[edit] Just for the Taste of It

Main Article: Just for the Taste of It

Inside the plant you´ll find the dead body of Winger with the note Finding the Formula. When you read the note, you can choose to start to search for the last "factory worker" alive.

[edit] The Nuka-Cola Challenge

Main Article: The Nuka-Cola Challenge

Three Nuka Cola Quantums can be found in the factory production line.

[edit] Loot

Nuka-Cola Quantum - 3 can be created in the Production room by activating the machine. Another one can be found outside the plant, in a truck at the back of the building.

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