Nuka Cola.jpg
Addiction Rate None
Effects +2 Radiation, +10 HP, +1 Cap
Weight 1
Value 20

Nuka-Cola is a healing item found within Fallout 3. They are found in large quantities throughout the entire Capital Wasteland. There is a special Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cola Quantum that was released to the public on October 23rd 2077, the day the bombs fell.

Nuka-Cola can be found within random places in the Wasteland. They can also be obtained from the various Nuka-Cola Machines scattered all around the Wastes. The player may obtain a large number of Nuka-Cola bottles from Sierra Petrovita, who has 65 bottles within her home. Another place in which the player can obtain a number of Nuka-Cola bottles is the Nuka-Cola Plant, which is infested with a mutated Mirelurks, the NukaLurk.

Drinking a Nuka-Cola will restore the player's health by +10 while also causing a +2 Radiation. However, with the Food Sanitizer, it restores your health by +12. If the player has acquired the Pristine Nuka-Cola Machine house improvement, you can convert any Nuka-Cola into Ice Cold Nuka-Cola, which provides you with +20 HP (+24 with the Food Sanitizer).

If the player obtains the Quantum Chemist Perk from the Broken Steel DLC, every time you obtain 10 Nuka-Cola's, they are converted into a Nuka-Cola Quantum. This is useful for the Nuka-Cola Challenge quest or for making Nuka Grenades.

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