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Not of This World
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Location(s) Alien Crash Site
Received by Recon Craft Theta Beacon
Reward(s) 300 XP
Related Quests Among the Stars

Not of This World is a Quest and Achievement found in the Mothership Zeta expansion.


[edit] Quest Objectives

After being brought to the Alien Crash Site by a strange transmission on your Pip-Boy, you'll be lifted from the Capital Wasteland to an Alien prison cell. You must escape the prison cell with help from your new companion Somah and find a way back to Earth.

[edit] Abduction

Shortly after loading your game with the Mothership Zeta pack added, you will receive a transmission from the Recon Craft Theta Beacon. The message is impossible to understand, but it will add a marker at the Alien Crash Site. The crash site isn't an official place on the map so you can't fast-travel there. The quickest way to reach it is by travelling to the Greener Pastures Disposal Site and heading west or by travelling to the MDPL-13 Power Station and heading directly north. Once you reach the site, you'll be surrounded by a blue light and carried into the air, you will loose consciousness shortly after leaving the ground.

Nothing like waking up to some good old fashion probing

You will awake for a brief moment and see three Aliens standing over you, one of the will begin to probe you and you'll loose consciousness again. You will wake up again in a prison cell where you've been completely stripped of everthing in your inventory. Next to you is a woman called Somah who has also been captured by the Aliens. She will say that the Aliens must want them alive and asks you to start a fist-fight with her so the Aliens will come and break it up. After a few punches between you, two Alien's will enter with Shock Batons, kill the first Alien and use his Baton to kill the other. Once you are out of the cell, you can check other cells around you to find a dead Wasterlander, a dead Enclave Officer and a Security Guard from Rivet City who's crouched in her cell telling herself that it's all just a dream.

[edit] Escape

Follow the hallways to another room with prison cells and you find a young girl called Sally, to free her you must overload the module in the room by activating the three cylinders around it, once it explodes, Sally's cell door will open. Sally knows more about the ship than any other human on board, she will tell you that she's escaped numerous times to explore the ship. She will also tell you that she was originally abducted before the Great War, making her over 200 years old (it's likely that she was cryogenically frozen for a long time). Sally will offer to guide you through the ship, at this point Somah will stay behind to "watch your back" and says she catch up later, now follow Sally into the Steamworks.

The Steamworks is a very linear path, Sally will crawl through a hole in the which leads her to a place where she can open locked doors and warn you of oncoming threats. There's around 10 Aliens in the Steamworks and this is your fist chance to get your hands on some Alien fire-power such as the Alien Atomizer and the Alien Disintegrator. There's also some Alien Workers who will flee when they spot you, Sally will tell you to leave them alone as they are harmless, killing them will result in Bad Karma.

[edit] Release the Humans

After making your way out of the Steamworks, you'll find yourself in the Engineering Core. Head toward the Research Lab to find four cryo-pods, one of them is an Astronaut and Sally will mention that his Gemini-Era Spacesuit will be useful. Unfreeze all four pods and you'll meet three new characters; a U.S Soldier called Elliot Tercorien, a Cowboy called Paulson and a Samurai Warrior called Toshiro Kago. Unfortunately the Astronaut called Colonel Hartigan was already dead when you opened the pod, but you can still loot his body for the spacesuit.

With your two new companions ready for revenge (Toshiro Kago doesn't do anything), the quest will end with Sally telling you the next step, which leads to Among the Stars.

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