Nikola Tesla and You

Nikola Tesla and You
Nikola Tesla and You.JPG
Effects +1 Energy Weapons
Weight 2
Value 50 Caps

Nikola Tesla and You is a skill book that can be found throughout the Wasteland. It improves your Energy Weapons skill by +1. If combined with the Comprehension Perk, the player receives +2.

Like most Skills Books, there are 25 of them found throughout the Wasteland. However, players wishing to receive all 25 must disarm the bomb in Megaton, and there is a Nikola Tesla and You skill book within the Megaton Shack.

It is suggested that the player only improves their Energy Weapons skill to anywhere between 50-75, as the skill books and Energy Bobblehead can be used in place of skill points

[edit] Locations

[edit] Locations in Fallout: New Vegas

  • 2 are in REPCONN Headquarters. One on the first floor behind a Very Hard (100) Lock. The other is on the second floor in the office to your left right as you enter, on a desk.
  • Hidden Valley Bunker - its in the garbage bin inside Scribe Schuler's office. You need to sneak and steal it when she is not looking. You will lose Karma but not be attacked if not detected.
  • Old Nuclear Test Site - inside the shack of the Old Nuclear Test Site. This site is full of Ghouls.
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