N99 10mm Pistol

10mm Pistol
10mm Pistol 2.png
Maximum Damage 9
Damage Type Minimum
Ammo Type 10mm Rounds
Ammo Capacity 12
Weight 3
Maximum value Approximately 225 caps

The N99 10mm Pistol is the first pistol you acquire in Fallout 3. Amata gives it to you at the start of the quest 'Escape!'. Commonly found throughout the wasteland, mainly on raiders and guards of any sort.

There is a silenced version of the 10mm pistol that can be repaired by the standard 10mm pistols. It is Found on Mr. Burke or in the Marigold Metro Station tunnels, on a shelf on top of a metal locker. The silenced 10mm pistol is also randomly found to be sold by traders.

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