Moriarty's Saloon

Moriarty's Saloon
Moriarty's Saloon.jpg
Location Megaton
Owner Colin Moriarty
  • Gob
  • Nova
  • Appearances Fallout 3
    Rent a Room 120 caps
    Related Quests
  • The Power of the Atom
  • Blood Ties
  • Moriarty's Saloon is a bar found within Megaton and is owned by Colin Moriarty. Characters who can be found in the bar include the former raider Jericho, the local prostitute Nova, the bartender Gob and the Mysterious Mr. Burke. You can rent a room in the bar for 120 caps which includes Nova's company, also responding politely to Gob can get you discounts from his items for sale. In the back room of Moriarty's Saloon you can find a computer that can be hacked to help you gain information for Following in His Footsteps which is part of the main quest.

    There are two side quests that can be accessed from here, talk to Mr. Burke for the The Power of the Atom quest and you can get the Blood Ties quest from Lucy West.

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