Merchant Empire

Merchant Empire
Merchant Empire.jpg
Crazy Wolfgang, Crow, Doc Hoff, Lucky Harith
Location(s) Canterbury Commons
Received by Uncle Roe
Reward(s) Extra stock and Higher Repair skills for the Caravan Merchants
Other Rewards
Related Quests n/a

Merchant Empire is an unmarked and repeatable quest in Fallout 3, and can be acquired by speaking to Uncle Roe in Canterbury Commons after The Superhuman Gambit side-quest.

After saving the small town from the Mechanist and AntAgonizer Uncle Roe will approach you, and through dialogue you can ask him about the Caravan Merchants nearby. Four different Caravan Merchants stop by, Crazy Wolfgang, Crow, Doc Hoff, and Lucky Harith. Ask him if the caravan merchants could be possibly united. Now to proceed you need to either pay him 250 caps, use the Master Trader or Black Widow perk, or have a high Barter skill.

Once this is done you have the option to invest in each trader to add more equipment, up their repair skill, and more caps to their inventory, and more. You can invest 200 caps at first, and then 500 caps on each trader. So if you fully invest in all of them, you would end up giving Roe 2800 caps.

The four caravan merchants wander the Capital Wasteland and stop outside major settlements, and stick to a specific route. So it is possible to run into them more than once in one day. They'll come back to the front of Canterbury every now and then. Beware, killing any one of the caravan merchants could turn the rest hostile, and they are known to die in the Wasteland of unknown causes. If this happens Uncle Roe will tell you "they dropped off the map....".

If you talk to one of the four caravan merchants after an investment they'll reward you with a gift.


[edit] Inventory

Each merchant specializes in different things:

[edit] Rewards

  • More caps in each traders inventory.
  • Better equipment in each traders inventory.
  • Higher repair skill.

[edit] Gifts

[edit] Notes

  • The Master Trader perk comes in handy here and all investment costs will be halved.
  • The merchants have one of the highest repair skills in the game if you invest in them fully.
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