Location Capital Wasteland
Sheriff Lucas Simms
Main Locals Colin Moriarty
Lucy West
Moira Brown


Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest Megaton Shack
Moriarty's Saloon
Craterside Supply
Related Quests The Power of the Atom
Blood Ties
The Wasteland Survival Guide

Megaton is a town located east of Vault 101 in Fallout 3. It'll likely be the first major town you'll come across after leaving the vault. The entire town was built from scratch after the The Great War using salvaged scrap metal, there's also a nuclear bomb in the center of the town which never exploded but is yet to be disarmed. The reason for the walls around the town is because Raiders would often come and attack the town. In one raid Colin Moriarty's father was killed, so he suggested to build the walls around the town using his fathers wealth. Upon arrival you'll be welcomed by the local Sheriff Lucas Simms who will give you more information about his role in the town and the nuclear bomb in the center. Colin Moriarty is another local who considers himself a powerful figure within Megaton, he owns Moriarty's Saloon and is known as the local crime boss.

Moira Brown sells and buys everything at the Craterside Supply and Walter keeps the water pump on running while he buys scarp metal for good caps. The town is protected by three people, you've got Stockholm standing on a ledge above the main gate, he's equipped with a Hunting Rifle and will attack you from both the inside and the outside of Megaton if the residents turn hostile. Deputy Weld is a Protectron robot who guards the main gate, because of Lucas Simms' love for the wild west, he's programed Deputy Weld to say cowboy phrases, he will often refer to you as "Partner". There's also a Mr. Gutsy robot called Deputy Steel, he guards the Megaton armory but will take up a position at the main gate if Deputy Weld is destroyed.


[edit] Blood Ties

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[edit] Following in His Footsteps

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[edit] The Power of the Atom

Main Article: The Power of the Atom

During the quest, you're given the chance to detonate the Atom in the center of Megaton, if you decide to do this the entire town will be destroyed. Moira Brown will be the only survivor of the blast (Jericho will also survive if you have him as your Companion), but the amount of radiation in the area has turned her into a Ghoul. Despite the mutation, she remains in high spirits and will find a new home in Underworld and allow you to continue The Wasteland Survival Guide.

[edit] The Wasteland Survival Guide

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[edit] Church Donations

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[edit] Leo's Drugs Habit

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[edit] Treatment

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[edit] Walter's Scrap Metal

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[edit] Residents

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