Your Lockpick skill affects your abilities when breaking into things such as locked doors, ammo boxes and crates. There are 5 difficulty settings on locked areas which each require a certain level of Lockpick skill to open, they are:

  • Very Easy (15)
  • Easy (25)
  • Average (50)
  • Hard (75)
  • Very Hard (100)

When you are picking a lock, a screwdriver appears (it does not appear in your inventory), and your player uses Bobby Pins with it. When Lockpicking the bobby pin must be positioned within a certain radius before attempting to apply pressure the screwdriver, the harder the difficulty the smaller the radius will become. If the bobby pin is not within the radius then it will start to shake when you apply pressure, if the bobby pins shakes three times it will break, however you can continue trying to open the lock with another bobby pin. The only way to break a lock is if you fail a force lock attempt. You can have less chance of failing a force lock attempt if you have a high lockpick skill. Your Lockpick level will increase depending on your Perception, each Perception level will increase your Lockpick skill by +2.

[edit] Perks that require Lockpick skill

[edit] Increasing Lockpick skill

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