Little Lamplight

Little Lamplight
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Location Capital Wasteland
Leader Major MacCready
Main Locals
  • Joseph
  • Bumble
  • Appearances Fallout 3
    Places of Interest The Great Chamber
    Related Quests
  • Picking up the Trail
  • Rescue from Paradise
  • A Sticky Situation
  • Biwwy's Wazer Wifle
  • Fungus Deal
  • The Kid-Kidnapper
  • Zip's Nuka Fix
  • Little Lamplight is a settlement in Fallout 3, it is an underground cave populated entirely by children. Holotapes inside the caverns will explain the story of how kids ended up in the caves. Back in October 2077 on the day that the bombs fell, a group of 82 students from Early Dawn Elementary were on a school trip in the caverns. The bombs fell just as the the kids were getting ready to leave, the lights went out and the entire caverns began to shake. One of the teachers went outside to check and came back saying the entire capital was full of mushroom clouds. As time went on, all the adults died either by leaving the caves or getting lost within them. One of the older kids called Jason Grant took charge of the group and led them through the caves looking for help. They came across the door to Vault 87 and banged on it for hours pleading for help, when one of the adults finally responded he told them to go away and that they were already dead.

    From that point on, the kids in Little Lamplight turned against all adults and kicked anyone out of the caves once they turned 16. Most of the 16 year olds headed to Big Town after being kicked out of the caves. The kids of Little Lamplight are led believe Big Town is a safe settlement where they can grow up in peace. In reality Big Town is a broken down settlement which is constantly under attack from Super Mutants and Slavers.

    It's not explained how the caves are still populated by children 200 years after the original group were trapped in the caves. Popular explanations include them taking in orphans from around the Capital Wasteland just like Bryan Wilks. Another theory is that the adults in Big Town bring their children to Little Lamplight for protection.


    [edit] Picking up the Trail

    Main Article: Picking up the Trail

    Mayor MacCready is the current leader of Little Lamplight, he won't grant you access to the caves unless you pass a Speech check, have the Child at Heart perk or complete the Rescue from Paradise quest. You will need access to Little Lamplight in order to find Vault 87 and continue the main quest.

    [edit] Rescue from Paradise

    Main Article: Rescue from Paradise

    [edit] A Sticky Situation

    Main Article: A Sticky Situation

    [edit] Biwwy's Wazer Wifle

    Main Article: Biwwy's Wazer Wifle

    [edit] Fungus Deals

    Main Article: Fungus Deal

    [edit] The Kid-Kidnapper

    Main Article: The Kid-Kidnapper

    [edit] Zip's Nuka Fix

    Main Article: Zip's Nuka Fix

    [edit] Residents

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