Location Point Lookout
Locals Professor Calvert
Places of Interest St. Aubin Medical Facility
Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quests A Meeting of the Minds

The Lighthouse is a location found in Point Lookout. Professor Calvert's Underground Lab - St. Aubin Medical Facility is found underneath the Lighthouse.

It is possible to restart the light within the Lighthouse. To repair the light, first find the holotape at the top of the Lighthouse. Head to the Truck Wreckage, near the Ark & Dove Cathedral. Take a Lighthouse Bulb and return to the top of the Lighthouse. Activate the Bulb and pull the electrical switch, effectively lighting the Lighthouse.

[edit] A Meeting of the Minds

Main Article: A Meeting of the Minds

You'll have to enter the lighthouse to find Professor Calvert who is found in the St. Aubin Medical Facility inside the basement.

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