Liberty Prime

Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime.jpg
Race Robot
Affiliation Brotherhood of Steel
Location Citadel
Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quest Take it Back!

Death From Above
Fixing Liberty Prime

Drops Items:



Liberty Prime is a 40 foot tall robot built by the U.S Army before the Great War. It was built to help American forces liberate Alaska from the Chinese in 2077, but the robot wasn't completed on time and when the bombs fell it was left to gather dust under the Pentagon (now know as the Citadel).

Liberty Prime remained hidden under the Citadel for around 180 years, before it was discovered by a team of Brotherhood of Steel members lead by Owyn Lyons who had been sent to Washington to look for technological advances and report on Super Mutant activity in the area. The discovery of Liberty Prime was enough to get Owyn Lyons a promotion from Paladin to Elder and was put in charge of making a new Brotherhood base on the East Coast.

Scribe Rothchild was put in charge of making Liberty Prime operational, but in the 20 years between discovering Prime and the setting of Fallout 3, very little progress had been made. It wasn't until Dr. Li joined him at the Citadel that Prime was considered operational. Liberty Prime was first used during the Take it Back! quest to help the Brotherhood remove Enclave forces from the Jefferson Memorial.

During the events of Death From Above in Broken Steel, Liberty Prime is hit by explosives and then explodes, which results in its head falling off and travelling a short distance away. As a result, Scribe Rothchild started requesting for cameras and Sensor Modules to replace damaged parts.

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