Leo's Drug Habit

Leo's Drug Habit
Leo Stahl.jpg
Location(s) Megaton
Received by Doc Church or Mr. Burke or Lucas Simms
Reward(s) Drugs

Good/Bad Karma

Related Quests n/a

Leo's Drug Habit is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3, located in Megaton. You can start this quest by talking to Mr. Burke, and saying the phrase "what if you can't arm the Nuke". Or you could go to Lucas Simms, and say the phrase "disarming the bomb sounds too technical". Alternatively Doc Church has an option, talk to him and bypass a speech check (or use your Medicine skill) to get information about Leo. All three of them tell you that Leo goes to the Water Purification Plant (Walters place) to get high off of Jet.

When you confront Leo you can either convince him to stop doing drugs, or you can have Leo become a Dealer to you, which can be helpful if you need chems.

[edit] Notes

  • Leo sells Mentats, a chem that is needed to disarm or arm the nuke in the center of Megaton if your Explosive skill isn't high enough.

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