La Maison Beauregard


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La Maison Beauregard
Location Capital Wasteland
Washington D.C.
Leader n/a
Main Locals Lag-Bolt
Super Mutants
Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quests Fatal Attraction

The La Maison Beauregard is a building located in Washington D.C. in Fallout 3.

The building is home to several Super Mutants. A handful will be outside to greet you. They are mostly armed with Assault Rifle's and Minigun's.

[edit] Fatal Attraction

Main Article: Fatal Attraction

In the unmarked quest Fatal Attraction you can meet a hostile Talon Company merc. Lag-Bolt here. He only appears if you have listened to the holotape Sorry, My Darling.

The quest was added in the expansion pack Broken Steel.

[edit] Loot

[edit] Notes

  • If you have Broken Steel installed, two Super Mutant Overlord's may be inside, depending on your level.
  • The name of the building is french.
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